We provide basic education to adults that wish to further
their education by getting their GED. We support those
needing to improve their skills, such as math or career
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Get Your GED

Step 1: Enrollment (2.5 hour maximum)

  • Visit one of our centers to fill out enrollment paperwork (15 minutes)
  • Take the placement assessment for Math TABE (30 minutes)
  • Take the Math TABE (90 minute)
  • Get your login established (15 minutes)

Step 2: Practice Exams

You’ll need to take practice exams in all subject areas for the GED, Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. If you score a 145 or higher you may schedule your actual GED assessment in that subject area. By taking all four in the beginning, it allows you to see where you should start. 

**One of our centers can help facilitate those exams, or you can take them at home on your own time. 

Step 3: Make a Plan

Once you take all of your practice exams, it can help instructors have a better idea of where you should start and what plan of action is going to suit your needs. We typically encourage our students to study in the area they scored the highest in.

Step 4: STUDY

Once you and the instructor have decided on a plan of action, you will focus on studying ONE content area at a time. Our instructors can give you an array of different resources which include online, and paper materials, as well as one-on-one instruction if you’d like. We work with you to ensure your learning needs are met and you are prepared to take the practice test again. 

Step 5: GED Test

After studying with instructors you can retake your PRACTICE GED assessment in that content area again. If you score a 145 or higher we will schedule you to take your GED. GED assessments can be taken at home, but as this is a proctored exam, it is important to note that there are strict guidelines that must be followed in order to successfully test at home.

Step 6: Graduation!

Once you have taken and passed ALL 4 GED content area assessments you will successfully graduate from our program with your GED!