We provide basic education to adults that wish to further
their education by getting their GED. We support those
needing to improve their skills, such as math or career
& college exploration. Learn More

Workforce Education

Workplace Literacy

 WPL programs are established for employers based on their specific needs and the skill set that they wish to prove their employer. This program is typically a 12 hour course meant for a group of employees. Some examples include:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Communications (customer service)
  • Basic Math Skills

Integrated Educational Training

IET programs can be implemented for individual training or group. These trainings will lead to certification in specific areas. We are currently able to provide training in the following areas:

  • Digital Literacy 
  • Workready
  • Essential Soft Skills
  • Supplemental Skills ( in manufacturing)
  • Servsafe (workplace, handling, and manager)
  • Interpersonal Skills

For More Information

Contact Miranda Nalley
Director of Adult Education
Nelson, Marion, Washington and Meade

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